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We provide specialized property services

We are experts in domestic and Commercial Sale and, Purchase Conveyancing, Alpine Conveyancing, Retirement Villages “Off the Plan” Conveyancing, Subdivisions, Covenants, Easements and Adverse and Possession Cases Retail and Commercial Leasing
Our services

How we can help

We ensure the process of transferring legal title (ownership) of land from one person to another. While it can be a simple, straightforward process.

Pre-purchase advice

a pre-purchase review of the relevant purchase documents will ensure you have a full understanding of the contract any conditions contained within it and ensure your best interests are protected and considered. As part of our pre-purchase advice services, we can also offer loan advice and drafting or reviewing loan agreements if a family member is providing funds for the purchase to ensure everyone’s interests are protected.

Selling a property

we can help make your property sale in Victoria a simple process by assisting you with your Section 32 statement and contract. We will obtain the relevant property enquiry certificates on your behalf. Depending on the property you are selling you may also require building permits, certificate of occupancy or owners’ corporation insurance which we can help obtain. By providing the right documents, you will avoid any disputes or damage claims. Sell your property the easy way with Geelong’s best property conveyancers, Cahill Rowe Conveyancing.

Property investments

we review loans, leases and building contracts to ensure that you are adequately protected from financial and legal exposure. If you are purchasing a tenanted commercial property, the expert team at Cahill Rowe Conveyancing can provide advice on the contents of the lease to ensure you make an informed decision on the viability of the purchase. In addition, we inform you of the tax implications of your potential commercial property purchases in the State of Victoria.

Buying a property

we take the stress out of purchasing a home. We will liaise with the real estate agent, the other parties’ conveyancer and your broker/bank to ensure all parties are on target for settlement. We obtain a copy of the purchase contract, prepare the transfer documents, and arrange payment of the stamp duty. At settlement, we ensure everything is in order, receive funds from your lender/pay funds to the vendor, and lodge the land title transfer. Take the stress out of buying a home in Victoria, contact the professionals at Cahill Rowe Conveyancing to assist you step-by-step through the home purchase process.

Subdivision (or consolidation of a plan agreement)

we can assist you with the subdividing of your property. We liaise with your surveyor and your bank, and then attend the lodgement of the plans and legal documentation required.

Updating or correcting a title

life does not always go according to plan. Whether you need to update a title in the event of a divorce or separation, or an error on the title or in the case of death, deceased estate transfers, we take care of all changes in manners of holding efficiently.

About Us

Why hire a Property Lawyer?

A conveyancer’s role is to prepare and lodge all the legal documentation required to transfer a title or register changes on a title. The top conveyancers in Greater Geelong assist clients with:

  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Section 32 Vendor Statement reviews
  • Sale, purchase or transfer of ownership of a property
  • Subdivision or consolidation of a plan
  • Calculation of adjustments and payments required at settlement
  • Title corrections & updates

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Engaging a knowledgeable property lawyer

As experienced conveyancing property lawyers in Geelong, Cahill Rowe Conveyancing are also able to provide the following services in addition to our conveyancing services:

  • Loan advice
  • Loan agreement drafting & reviews
  • Tax implications advice
  • Entity or Trust setups
  • Commercial property leasing advice

Clients Testimonials

Thank you for your wonderful service. I have paid your account today by EFT. I will have no hesitation recommending you in the future.
Evelyn Thompson
Thanks for the fabulous work on my Will. I enjoyed your friendly, prompt and professional service! I processed the payment via Internet banking this morning – and have attached transfer receipt for your reference. Thanks again for all your help.
William Bryant

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